At NW Environmental we appreciate the contribution that local clubs and societies make to their communities.

Many such organisations mare responsible for managing significant areas of land which may have an important role  in supporting local wildlife or as vital green infrastructure within an area.

It's not just groups looking after parks and nature reserves. For example, tenant associations and outdoor sports clubs often have 'natural' areas under their control. Many model engineering societies have outdoor rail tracks that often run through open grassland or woodland. Grants may be available to support the better management or enhancement of such areas, for example by introducing wildflowers into grassland or coppicing woodland to attract butterflies and other woodland insects.

In order to help local volunteer-led organisations make the most of such land, we offer free initial advice and a reduced rate to help with planning and fundraising for projects that can improve such assets.

If your club or society or has an environmental project that you think might benefit from such support, please contact us with brief details of who your organisation is, and what you would like to do.

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