It's taken a couple of months, mostly in fits and starts of enthusiasm, but after considerable effort to master the intricacies of Joomla we have new website.

We hope that you will find it mush easier to use than the old one There's a lot of extra content which is hopefully easy to find, but easy to ignore. You can navigate by the menu across the top, internal links, the search bar or using 'tags'. We have also added a selection of icons that link to our case studies.

There is also a repository of useful documents, all of which we believe are in the public domain, but many of which can be hard to track down, Hopefully you will find these useful.

Finally, as this is a blog and not in the 'serious' part of the website, here's a gratuitous picture of Luna the office labrador as a pup. Let's face it, having pictures of cute puppies on your website is the most effective form of Search Engine Optimisation there is!


Luna Ludrow, the cute snow-white labrador