Remediation IconFrom the replanting of spoil heaps by the Earl of Dudley to the work of the Midlands Reafforestation Society, the West Midlands was not only at the heart of the Industrial Revolution, but was also one of the first places to use green infrastructure to remediate and restore the 'waste land' where industry moved on.

Today, our approaches to remediation and restoration of brownfield land have moved on and become more sophisticated. NW Environmental can advise on the many different approaches that can be used such as:

Grassland Habitats

  • Wildflower meadow creation, including seeding, hay strewing and plug planting
  • Grassland management, including grazing, mowing and silage baling
  • Management and enhancement of naturally recolonised grassland
  • Restoration of grassland colonised by scrub or tall herb

Woodland Habitats

  • New woodland planting
  • Advanced ground preparation
  • Woodland ground flora enhancement
  • Woodland management
  • Coppicing

Wetland Habitats

  • Pond and lake creation
  • Wetland creation
  • Reedbeds
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage schemes
  • Rain Gardens


  • Heathland creation
  • Heathland management

Urban Habitats

  • Green roofs
  • Green walls
  • Creating breeding and roosting spaces
  • Wildlife gardens
  • 'Urban commons'