NW Environmental is a helpful, flexible and professional consultancy whose concern is to meet our clients needs while working to make a better environment for everyone. We offer a wide range of services to clients with a vision for a more sustainable future, including:

Landscape Scale Conservation

Green/Environmental Infrastructure

Environmental Project Development

Strategic Environmental Planning

Greenspace Visitor Surveys

Specialist Services

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NW Environmental's staff have extensive experience of the planning, management and delivery of environmental projects from the modest to the ambitious, with budgets from thousands of pounds to millions.

NIA Business Plan Cover

NWE Principle, Neil Wyatt, led the team which developed a proposal for the Birmingham and Black Country Nature Improvement Area. One of around sixty entries for a national competition run by DEFRA, this was the only one for a wholly urban NIA. It's ambitious and innovative approach. together with its impressive partnership of over fifty organisations from all sectors, resulted in the project being selected as one of the ten successful projects. Following three years of delivery funded through the competition, the NIA has now transitioned to other sources of ongoing funding and is looking forward to a sustainable future.

NWE worked with a partnership of local authorities, government agencies and environmental NGOs to develop a partnership project for submission to the European Development Fund. The Black Country's Blue Network with a total value of £3.87M. This innovative project aims to deliver a step change in action to improve the management of natural greenspaces linked by the canals and rivers across the the urban area, all within the context of the Birmingham and Black Country Nature Improvement Area.

Other major project development work has included a Plan for a Biosphere Reserve north of Birmingham, new proposals for Arrow Valley Country Park and activity and interpretation plans for the Woodland Trust and National Trust's flagship project at Londonthorpe and Bellmount.

Services we offer include

  • Project Design and Planning
  • Activity and Action Plans
  • Access and Interpretation Plans
  • Conservation Management Plans
  • Consultation Strategies
  • Project budgeting
  • Evaluation Strategies and Plans
  • Risk registers
  • Building stakeholder partnerships
  • Project governance arrangements, including drafting partnership agreements

We can also assist you with preparing fundraising bids to major funders (such as National Lottery and Landfill Communities Fund distributors), including preparing the supporting documents to evidence the benefits and deliverability of your project.

NW Environmental are also experienced in undertaking project evaluations, including the evaluation of ERDF and Lottery funded projects.



From detailed environmental infrastructure guidance to catchment planning we can offer a range of services to support organisations such as local authorities, local economic partnerships, local nature partnerships, environmental agencies and third-sector bodies. Our work has included detailed Environmental Infrastructure Guidance for the Black Country Consortium and an Environmental Infrastructure Implementation Plan for the Black Country Local Economic Partnership.

  • Regeneration plans
  • Environmental input into supplementary planning guidance and area action plans
  • Strategic partnership development and governance
  • Reporting and monitoring
  • Catchment Management Planning

EIIP cover

The concept of working at a landscape-scale has revolutionised conservation in the UK. The publication of Sir John Lawton's report 'Making Space for Nature' created the political space in which we can now start to rebuild our damaged ecological networks.

Followed by the Natural Environment White Paper engagement with initiatives such as Nature Improvement Areas, Local Nature Partnerships to achieve real gains for wildlife in the future.

We can advise and support you in achieving your ambitions for:

  • Landscape scale conservation projects
  • Creating and managing nature reserves
  • Conservation enhancements in the wider landscape
  • Promoting community engagement

John Lawton, Caroline Spelman, Neil Wyatt at the launch of teh Birmingham and Black Country Nature Improvement Area

NWE Principal Neil Wyatt with Sir John Lawton and Caroline Spelman at the announcment of of the Birmingham and Black Country Nature Improvement Area as one of the first ten NIAs selected through a DEFRA competition.

We can help you draw up ambitious and inspiring, yet realistic and affordable strategies for incorporating green and blue infrastructure into strategic plans and development proposals.

Our recent work has included the updating of Environmental Infrastructure for the Black Country, and the mapping of Environmental Indicators across the sub-region. Services we are able to offer include:

  • Environmental Infrastructure scoping
  • Environmental masterplanning
  • Local Environment and Economic Development (LEED)
  • Planning gain/Section 106 proposals
  • Biodiversity Offsetting
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage & Rain Gardens
  • Green Roofs and Living Walls
  • Habitat Creation
  • Accessible Natural Greenspace
  • Renewable and environmental technologies
  • Biomass & Phytoremediation


Green Infrastructure on the edge of the West Midlands Conurbation