Community Fund    Mossley Big Local       One Walsall

We’re carrying out a short survey about the areas of green open space in and around Mossley on behalf of the Big Local. These are places such as fields, pools, woodlands and countryside walks. We’d like to ask you a few questions about them.


1. Are you aware of any green open spaces on the estate?

2. If so, which sites do you know of?

3. Do you know any other sites on the estate (please say?)


4. What do you use these areas for?

5. Something else (please say)?


6. If you don’t use these areas, why not?

7. What improvements to these green spaces would make Mossley an even better place to live? (Please choose your top three):

8. Would you be interested in knowing more about Mossley’s green space sites?

9. If you would like to know more, how would you like to be informed?

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