The concept of working at a landscape-scale has revolutionised conservation in the UK. The publication of Sir John Lawton's report 'Making Space for Nature' created the political space in which we can now start to rebuild our damaged ecological networks.

Followed by the Natural Environment White Paper engagement with initiatives such as Nature Improvement Areas, Local Nature Partnerships to achieve real gains for wildlife in the future.

We can advise and support you in achieving your ambitions for:

  • Landscape scale conservation projects
  • Creating and managing nature reserves
  • Conservation enhancements in the wider landscape
  • Promoting community engagement

John Lawton, Caroline Spelman, Neil Wyatt at the launch of teh Birmingham and Black Country Nature Improvement Area

NWE Principal Neil Wyatt with Sir John Lawton and Caroline Spelman at the announcment of of the Birmingham and Black Country Nature Improvement Area as one of the first ten NIAs selected through a DEFRA competition.